Tyler Koslow

Tyler Koslow

Tyler Koslow is a writer and editor with nearly a decade of experience in cannabis, music, and general tech. He received a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from the University Of Central Florida—where he focused on fiction and songwriting—along with a minor in philosophy that encompassed subjects such as the intersection of humans and machines. After graduating and moving to New York City, Tyler entered the arena of journalism and eventually SEO, where he covered tech, cannabis, and the bustling NYC music scene. Outside of DoubleBlind, you can find his words in High Times, Entrepreneur, Merry Jane, and Weedmaps News, where he was formerly Associate Editor. From the dog days of high school in South Florida to his present-day life in Brooklyn, the untapped medicinal potential of psychedelics and cannabis has long been a subject of Tyler’s interest. A self-proclaimed explorer and experimenter, the work of psychedelic pioneers like Terrance McKenna and Stanislav Grof—as well as the historical use of plant-based psychedelics by various cultures—has played a formative role in his creative work over the past decade. When he’s not tapping away at his keyboard, you can find him stuck in a three-hour synth loop, exploring New York City via bicycle, or taking in the sights on a leisurely hike.

Someone holding mushrooms

How to Dry Shrooms

If you’ve ever purchased a package of ready-to-consume psychedelic mushrooms, chances are you were handed a bag of dried out...

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