Honey Pot

A broad look at the status of legalization across the United States, key industry players and health benefits of Cannabis and Plant Medicine. A focus on important developments in governmental policies towards Cannabis legalization and implementation of social equity programs, an examination of the medical uses of cannabis, hemp, social stigma, product reviews, event coverage, cannabis culture and lifestyle related to artists operating within the space and issues with minority representation in the Cannabis industry. 

Someone holding mushrooms

How to Dry Shrooms

If you’ve ever purchased a package of ready-to-consume psychedelic mushrooms, chances are you were handed a bag of dried out...

Monica Williams

MDMA for Racial Trauma

It’s been well-established at this point that MDMA is a promising treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. In August of 2017,...


How to Store Shrooms

Coming across a bounty of mushrooms is a blessed event. After all, they’re a fairly uncommon and magical find. But,...

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